Dangerous & Defective Products


Dangerous & Defective Products - Products Liability

Unsafe products are among the most common causes of injuries both in the home and on the job. These injuries can arise from normal use of household consumer products, toys, workplace machinery, motor vehicles, food, medications, and every machine or manufactured good imaginable. The law imposes the same common sense expectation on the manufacturer, distributor and seller of such goods that consumers already have - that the product, when used as intended by the manufacturer, will be reasonably safe for that purpose.

Generally, products are defective for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The product had an unsafe component or unsafe configuration
  • The product did not have an element or configuration that would render it safe
  • The product had a manufacturing defect, that is, something was missing, broken, or otherwise not made to the proper specifications
  • The product did not have adequate warnings or the warnings were missing from the product that would have warned the user about the possibility
  • of injury

To prove a products liability claim, the victim must establish that the defect was present when the product left the control of the manufacturer, and that the defect caused the injury. As with every claim, it is very important to collect and preserve evidence, and it is even more important with product liability claims asserting that a product was defectively designed or manufactured. Some courts have even thrown out claims when the plaintiff did not preserve the actual product, thereby making it impossible for the defendant to examine the product.

Product cases require opinions and testimony from highly qualified and specialized experts, extensive work and time commitments, and a large financial investment. Our injury team has successfully handled product liability cases, including burn injuries caused by defective products in the workplace, and quadriplegic injuries caused by a defectively designed pool.

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