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A woman’s relationship with her obstetrician/gynecologist is typically one that is longstanding and based in trust. When a woman’s obstetrician gives her advice, makes recommendations, or delivers good news the patient will, more often than not, fail to question the doctor or seek out a second opinion. Unfortunately, given the realities of modern day medical practice, a certain percentage of the obstetrician/gynecologist’s diagnoses will be wrong. Serious conditions such as cancer can be missed, vital information miscommunicated, and a woman’s labor and delivery mishandled, causing serious injury to the mother, the child or both.

Routine Gynecologic and Obstetrical Care

Some of the most common errors during routine obstetrical or gynecologic care involve the failure to diagnose breast cancer or ovarian cancer, or the failure to recognize the presence of an ectopic pregnancy resulting in the loss of a fallopian tube. There may be inappropriate observation during a pregnancy with misdiagnosis of conditions such as high blood pressure (also known as preeclampsia) or gestational diabetes. After delivery the ob-gyn physician may fail to recognize excessive bleeding, or the signs of a postpartum infection. Doctor and nursing errors, during routine gynecologic and obstetrical care, during a pregnancy, and after a delivery can also result in dire consequences for the mother and the child.

Labor and Delivery

The improper management of the labor and delivery, the improper administration of Pitocin, inadequate fetal monitoring, or a delay in recognition of the baby’s distress and in performing a Caesarian section, can all result in an otherwise healthy child being born with a brain injury because of anoxia or hypoxia ( a lack of oxygen to the brain), and ultimately in a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. What should have been a healthy newborn may instead be a birth injured baby because of excessive bleeding, seizures, or a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Injury Due to Negligent Care

Unfortunately, a woman’s trust in her physician can be misplaced. All too often a devastating injury is the result of negligent care or malpractice rather than a genetic disorder or an unavoidable complication. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers can help evaluate your situation and determine whether or not a claim can be made.

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