Bustleton, PA

Welcome to Bustleton, PA: A Historical and Diverse Community in Northeast Philadelphia

Bustleton, a prominent neighborhood in the Far Northeast section of Philadelphia, is known for its rich history and vibrant community. Situated north of Rhawnhurst and Fox Chase and south of Somerton, Bustleton is bordered by Roosevelt Boulevard to the east, the city boundary to the west, Red Lion Road to the north, and Pennypack Park to the south. This area, centered at the intersection of Grant Avenue and Bustleton Avenue (PA-532), is a thriving residential and commercial hub included in the 19115 postal ZIP code.

A Glimpse into Bustleton's Historical Roots

Bustleton's origins date back to before the American Revolution, with the neighborhood historically centered around the Bustleton Tavern, a local bar that played a significant role in the early community. The area was initially part of Lower Dublin Township, also known as Dublin Township, which was incorporated into the City of Philadelphia following the Act of Consolidation in 1854.

Pennypack Park, a key part of the Fairmount Park system, was the site of much early industry, including mills. The neighborhood served as a bustling trading center with farmers bringing goods via horse and buggy and small streams and rivers of the Pennypack Watershed facilitating commerce. The old Paul's Run waterway once allowed navigation from the Bustleton Tavern all the way to the Delaware River.

Notable Landmarks

Bustleton is home to several historic sites, including:

  • Lower Dublin Baptist Church: One of the oldest churches in America, with a burial ground containing the remains of many notable Americans and Revolutionary War soldiers.
  • Protestant Episcopal Church of Saint Luke The Beloved Physician: The only church in Philadelphia designed by architect Richard Upjohn, located on Welsh Road with a burial ground for veterans from the Civil War to the present.
  • Roman Catholic Church of Maternity, Blessed Virgin Mary: Established in 1870 on Old Bustleton Avenue in Pennypack Park, it served as a mother church for many parishes in Northeast Philadelphia. Saint Katherine Drexel attended Mass here.

A Diverse and Growing Community

Today, Bustleton is a largely residential community with significant commercial areas along Roosevelt Boulevard, Bustleton Avenue, Grant Avenue, and Red Lion Road. The neighborhood has seen a substantial influx of immigrants, particularly from Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet Republics, making it one of the most ethnically diverse areas in Philadelphia. Storefronts, billboards, and newspapers in Russian are common sights, especially along Bustleton Avenue.

According to the 2000 US Census, Bustleton had a population of 31,853, with a notable proportion of older residents and a median age of 46.8 years. The community is predominantly White (87.1%), with growing Asian (7.0%) and Black (3.5%) populations. Nearly one-third of residents speak a foreign language at home, reflecting the neighborhood's multicultural makeup.

Education and Economy

Bustleton is home to several schools, including Bustleton Academy and the older Lower Dublin Academy located in the Holmesburg section of Lower Dublin. The area boasts a high rate of high school graduates, with one in four residents holding at least a bachelor's degree.

Economically, Bustleton residents have a per capita income nearly identical to the national level, with a lower-than-average poverty rate. The neighborhood is home to many of Philadelphia's police officers and firefighters, contributing to its reputation as a safe and stable community.

Transportation and Accessibility

Public transportation in Bustleton is well-developed, with several SEPTA bus routes (19, 58, 67, 88) and regional rail lines (West Trenton Line and Fox Chase Line) serving the area. Major roads include Welsh Road, Verree Road, Red Lion Road (PA 63), Bustleton Avenue (PA 532), Grant Avenue, Krewstown Road, and Roosevelt Boulevard (U.S. 1).

Bustleton is also home to Northeast Philadelphia Airport, a municipal reliever airport dating back to World War II. The neighborhood has two of the most dangerous intersections in the United States at Roosevelt Boulevard and Grant Avenue, and at Roosevelt Boulevard and Red Lion Road, which have traffic cameras to improve safety.

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