West Oak Lane, PA

Discover West Oak Lane, PA: A Community with Rich Heritage and Vibrant Diversity

West Oak Lane is a dynamic neighborhood located in Northwest Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Known for its rich history and distinctive architecture, West Oak Lane offers a unique blend of residential charm and bustling commercial activity. The neighborhood was primarily developed between the early 1920s and late 1930s, with further development near Cedarbrook occurring after World War II. One of the historical landmarks of the area was the Cedar Park Inn, a notable tavern built in the early 19th century, which remained until the early 1930s.

Boundaries and Architecture

West Oak Lane is bounded by Cheltenham Avenue to the north, Broad Street to the east, Washington Lane to the south, and Stenton Avenue to the west. The neighborhood is characterized by its larger, often detached houses, many of which are situated along tree-lined streets with small yards. This architectural style sets West Oak Lane apart from surrounding neighborhoods and contributes to its appeal as a middle-class residential area.

Demographic Evolution

Originally a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood until the mid-1960s, West Oak Lane has since evolved into a thriving middle-class African American community. According to Citydata.com, in 2013, West Oak Lane had a population of 42,390, with a density of 24,517 people per square mile. The average household income was $41,275, and the median age for residents was 36.6 years for males and 43.0 years for females. The area is diverse, with 6.2% of its residents born in a foreign country and a notable presence of single-mother households.

Education and Schools

The School District of Philadelphia operates several public schools in West Oak Lane, including the Samuel W. Pennypacker School, William Rowen School, and Gen. Louis Wagner Junior High School, all listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The area also hosts Hope Charter School, Prince Hall Elementary School, and West Oak Lane Charter School. Additionally, La Salle University's campus borders West Oak Lane, Ogontz, and Germantown, providing higher education opportunities close to home.

Historic Sites and Recreation

West Oak Lane boasts several historical sites, including the Philadelphia National Cemetery and Ogontz Hall. Erny Field, a local baseball field, has hosted games for Temple University, Arcadia University, and the city's high school leagues. These landmarks add to the neighborhood's rich cultural tapestry and provide recreational opportunities for residents.

Transportation and Accessibility

West Oak Lane is well-connected by public transportation, primarily through SEPTA's Route 6, a former streetcar line now operated as a bus route. This route connects the Olney Transportation Center to the Cheltenham and Ogontz Loop, making travel within and beyond the neighborhood convenient. Additional routes such as 16, 22, 80 Express, H, and XH also serve the area, enhancing its accessibility.

Shopping and Commerce

Ogontz Avenue serves as the main commercial spine of West Oak Lane, running north and northwest through the neighborhood. It is lined with various stores and businesses, catering to the daily needs of residents. The proximity of Cheltenham Mall and Cedarbrook Plaza Mall further enhances the shopping options available to the community.

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