Kensington, PA

Discover Kensington, PA: A Neighborhood Proudly Served by the Law Offices of Judy Greenwood PC

Kensington, PA, is a historic and dynamic neighborhood in Philadelphia, encompassing a diverse community and a rich tapestry of history. The Law Offices of Judy Greenwood PC is dedicated to serving the residents of Kensington, providing expert personal injury legal services to ensure justice and support for this vibrant community.

A Historic Neighborhood with Evolving Boundaries

Kensington, located in Lower Northeast Philadelphia, is a neighborhood with fluid boundaries that have shifted over time. Traditionally, it includes areas such as Kensington, East (or Lower) Kensington, West Kensington, and Harrowgate. Adjacent neighborhoods like Fairhill, Norris Square, Fishtown, and South (Olde) Kensington are often associated with Kensington's identity.

The neighborhood's conservative boundaries are typically considered to be Front Street and 5th Street to the west, the Amtrak train tracks to the north, Trenton Avenue and Frankford Avenue to the east, and Cecil B. Moore Avenue to the south. These geographic markers highlight the expansive and inclusive nature of Kensington, reflecting its complex history and community dynamics.

A Community of Diversity and Resilience

Kensington is home to a richly diverse population, including Hispanic Americans (mainly Puerto Ricans and Dominicans), African Americans, Irish Americans, Polish Americans, Asian Americans, and a significant number of homeless individuals. This diverse demographic fabric is complemented by a recent influx of young urban professionals, particularly in areas undergoing gentrification like East Kensington and Olde Kensington.

Historically, Kensington was known for its large Irish Catholic community and was the site of the Philadelphia nativist riots in the 19th century. It also has a notable connection to organized crime through the infamous K&A Gang, now known as the Northeast Philly Irish Mob.

Geography and Sub-Neighborhoods

Kensington's geography places it within the River Wards section of Philadelphia, a group of neighborhoods close to the Delaware River. The neighborhood's identity is deeply tied to its working-class roots and its proximity to the river, distinguishing it from more central North Philadelphia neighborhoods like Fairhill and Norris Square.

Within Kensington, several sub-neighborhoods offer unique characteristics:

  • Harrowgate: Located furthest north, bordering Juniata, known for being quieter with slightly lower crime rates.
  • Lower Kensington/East Kensington: Just north of Fishtown, experiencing significant gentrification and rising property values.
  • West Kensington: Shares demographic similarities with Fairhill and Norris Square but remains distinctly part of Kensington.

A Rich Industrial History

Founded in the early 1730s by Anthony Palmer, Kensington has a deep industrial heritage. Initially focused on shipbuilding and fishing, it transitioned to iron and steel manufacturing in the early 19th century, and by the mid-19th century, it became a leading center of the textile industry, particularly for carpet manufacturing. Kensington was also the birthplace of McNeil Laboratories and the site of Mother Jones's famous "Children's Crusade" against child labor in 1903.

Modern Challenges and Grassroots Revival

The mid-20th century brought deindustrialization, leading to significant population loss, economic decline, and abandoned homes. However, recent years have seen pockets of revitalization, particularly near Frankford Avenue and in areas close to Fishtown. The community's resilience is evident in its grassroots initiatives and the transformation of old factories into spaces for artisans and small businesses.

Serving Kensington with Dedication

The Law Offices of Judy Greenwood PC is proud to serve the residents of Kensington, providing comprehensive personal injury legal services. We understand the unique challenges faced by this community and are committed to delivering compassionate and effective legal representation. Whether you need assistance with car accidents, workplace injuries, or medical malpractice, our experienced attorneys are here to help you navigate the legal system and secure the justice you deserve.

Kensington, PA, is a neighborhood of rich history, diverse communities, and resilient spirit. The Law Offices of Judy Greenwood PC is dedicated to serving this vibrant area, offering expert legal services to support and protect its residents. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your personal injury legal needs and help you achieve the justice you deserve.